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Cinematcher is a matchmaking app enabling users to hire and get hired for film, TV and digital projects instantly – globally. Our users are calling it the ‘Tinder’ for film and TV jobs, but more importantly, we’re encouraging diversity in front of and behind the camera.

Think about how technology has changed the way we date, order food, get a car. It was truly baffling to us, that we are not using this technology to allow the hiring of ANY one in ANY location with ANY background for an industry that should be sharing stories about ANY one in ALL locations, with ALL backgrounds. How are we going to create diverse content, if we are not giving opportunities to diverse voices?

Cinematcher has the opportunity to be a serious gamechanger in an age where content is being created at a record speed.  We are the go to app to get Hired, and hire local, diverse crews on demand for ANY one with the need for content creation.  Let’s open a digital door together, and give EVERYONE a chance to create. Lights.Camera.Connect.


Lauren Magura CM headshot

Lauren Magura

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Lauren came up with the idea of Cinematcher through her passion for connecting people within the entertainment industry. Lauren has a background from NBC Universal and Universal Pictures in media operations and marketing in film.  The true dedication of everyone in the industry, and the need for a simpler ON DEMAND hiring process influenced Lauren to put Cinematcher into motion. Lauren  is truly passionate about her mission to enable everyone to connect easily and instantly, and oversees all aspects of the company.




Our “Quick connect” feature coupled with Cinematcher’s geographical locator will allow members to instantly match with openings in their area with the swipe of a finger – anywhere in the world.


Our events feature allows industry-related events to scroll as a banner on top of ALL users dashboards, allowing them to ‘check in’ and connect and message other attendees.



Users have the option to “Hire” and “Get Hired” simultaneously, categorizing their matches, messages and connections for each. Users can also use our “Diversity and Inclusion” feature to filter diverse matches. We feel strongly about encouraging diversity within the industry!


Eliminate paid television, radio, and print advertisements for extras! Our “Extras” feature allows users to post the job details, and add in the number of extra needed.


Users have the option to connect their profile through their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Users can also add links to their social pages, and more importantly to their IMDb, YouTube, and personal website pages so their digital resume is all within their single profile.


Users have the option to swipe right or left to “Connect” with their matches. Once two users connect, they have the capability to message and accept matches, enabling push notifications.


Aaron Barrera


“When I first heard about cinematcher through instagram, I thought it was too good to be true. That is until I made a connection through cinematcher for a costume performance of Universal’s new upcoming movie Despicable Me 3. I had so much fun and was able to enjoy something I got paid to do. Cinematcher is now my go to for gigs.”

Rolland Millman

Bright Screen Productions

“I am both constantly looking for new projects and people to work with, and I like working with people who are nearby.  Cinematcher is a great idea and Lauren Magura has all the energy and engagement to make it work.  I used it for the first time and ended up working with another great filmmaker.  Working with the person I connected with was a pleasure and I would have never met him without Cinematcher.  I’m behind the app 100%.”

Chris Capaci

Owner/Operator, Capacity Images

“The life of a freelancer is a constant search for the next paycheck. Cinematcher has taken the way people connect with each other, and created a platform specifically for our industry. The app allows you to search for jobs, network with other professionals, and get discovered by people looking to hire. It’s what we have all been waiting for!”

Melanie Gretchen


“Cinematcher is a wonderful way to be a freelancer. A first-time user of the app, I was booked within 2 business days of submitting myself for consideration. I had a fantastic time on the gig and look forward to exploring further opportunities!”

Patrick McHugh

Field Director, Universal Pictures

“As a marketing and promotions director, I’m often working on unique, interactive and most importantly deadline-oriented projects.  The direct and immediate connection that Cinematcher provided to creative professionals eagerly looking for work and for experience was incredible!  This app opens up a brand new avenue of opportunity for project managers like myself and for anyone looking to get hired in the entertainment world.”

Jessica Mellow

Makeup Artist/FX Artist

“ I have been on both sides…not knowing exactly where to find work in-between other gigs, and trying to find people to staff/refer last minute… this will save a lot of people a lot of time and money, and keep people working more steadily in a field that’s not always stable. It’s definitely a win-win.”

Jeff Ayars

Co-Founder, Cannibal Milkshake Comedy

“Despite the amount of people in New York interested in comedy and film production, finding talented, experienced and reliable help–let alone at the last-minute–can be a nightmare. I’m really excited to see that the geniuses at Cinematcher have seized the opportunity to fill this void…”

Andrew Gernhard

Producer, Synthetic Cinema
International, LLC

“Being located in Connecticut for our feature film productions, it is very hard to find local crew.  Cinematcher will be able to create a venue in which we can reach-out to these locals immediately and reliably…Cinematcher should have been created years ago!”

Matt Novak

Cinematographer, AE NBCUniversal

“Hunting for the next shoot is a painful process. With Cinematcher the client can come to me. They come knowing my reel, rate, and equipment package without having to go through an awkward hustle. It keeps me behind the lens instead of a job board.”

Mike Lowther

Editor DigiCuts, Film Editor NBCUniversal

“Something the industry has been missing for the longest time is a utility that can connect filmmakers together in the easiest way possible. No more cold calling or lousy Craigslist ads where neither can provide adequate information before you connect with someone. In our field, networking is the key to launching the best projects you can create, and Cinematcher is the missing piece to that puzzle.”

Promotions Coordinator

“Cinematcher is a life saver when it comes to finding local assistance for our film promotional events. Sometimes it can be hard to find trustworthy, professional, and talented staff. This app is my go-to source for hiring staff and I highly recommend it to others in the industry.”

Maytal Angel


“I’ve heard of this amazing app through a friend. It’s absolutely incredible to be able to find and hire cast and crew members in your area. This is perfect for me since I am traveling while documenting my acting challenge, and I can just use it in different cities to connect with other artists. While in Baltimore, I connected with someone on the app who owns a production company. I met with him in person and booked a gig on his web series! I am so grateful to come across this brilliant app! Thank you Cinematcher!!! And thank you Lauren for creating this!”


Create a personal profile
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"Quick Connect" feature - connect and message instantly anytime, anywhere
Unique matchmaking algorithm that matches users and projects - instantly, all over the world
Create your social/IMDb linked resume in your personalized profile
Events feature - 'check-in to' industry-related events and connect and message other attendees
Capability to connect, message and accept matches enabling push notifications
SAVE $30
"Quick Connect" feature - connect and message instantly anytime, anywhere
Unique matchmaking algorithm that matches users and projects - instantly, all over the world
Create your social/IMDb linked resume in your personalized profile
Events feature - 'check-in to' industry-related events and connect and message other attendees
Capability to connect, message and accept matches enabling push notifications



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